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St. Peter Catholic School!

-- Educating Children from
Preschool through 8th Grade --

Our Philosophy
St. Peter School endeavors to help prepare its students for a responsible role in society by instilling in them Christian moral values as members of the Catholic Community of St. Peter. Each student has been created with special gifts. Recognition of each student's uniqueness is our approach to a holistic educational program.

Teachers, with the support and involvement of parents, (who are their children's primary educators) direct, model and challenge the students. They all encourage students to accept the responsibility of learning in order for students to achieve their full potential.

St. Peter School attempts to achieve the following objectives through its curriculum:
  • To provide religious instruction and faith experiences which foster a knowledge and appreciation of Roman Catholic beliefs and traditions.
  • To foster an atmosphere in which children learn how to think for themselves, how to learn and study, and how to make individual decisions.
  • To offer an academic program including Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Computer Science, Art and Music, wherein the student is challenged to achieve his full potential.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which learning is encouraged through creative teaching methods.
  • To encourage communication between school and our students' families which generates interest and involvement from parents and other adults in St. Peter Parish.
Our Mission
St. Peter School includes in its educational ministry a program that emphasizes commitment to Christian ideals, academic excellence, and physical well-being. St. Peter School provides an environment in which the child, convinced of personal self-worth, can feel free to extend love to others through active concern and community service.
St. Peter School seeks to develop the three-fold purpose of Catholic education:
To Teach Christian Doctrine and Tradition:
St. Peter School will teach God's message and His plan of salvation. Christian truth will be communicated in order to give each student a meaningful experience of faith.
To Build Christian Community:
St. Peter School will foster the idea of Christian Community by including and celebrating all cultures and nationalities. It is our hope that the students, faculty, and parents will grow in the concepts of trust, love, and friendship through the sacraments and liturgies.
To Serve Others:
St. Peter School will respond to the needs of the whole parish community by developing in its students the academic and social skills necessary to achieve peace and justice.


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